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Emerging Executive Program

Emerging Executive Program - Cultivating Leadership


About the Program

Since 2014 HITEC has worked to develop the next generation of Hispanic technology leaders through the Emerging Executive Program. Since 2014, 191 leaders have completed the program, advancing in their careers and helping contribute to our growing community of Hispanic technology executives.

As we continue to grow as an organization we are redesigning HITEC’s Emerging Executive Program for 2020, creating two distinct tracks, enhancing curriculum and expanding the program’s focus on coaching and mentoring.

The HITEC Emerging Executive Program is a year-long, cohort-based program that develops emerging and high-potential Hispanic technology leaders looking to become tomorrow’s executive leaders. The work of the Emerging Executive Program continues to be central to HITEC’s core mission – to develop future Hispanic technology and business leaders.

Critical to the success of HITEC’s Emerging Executive Program are the mentors who volunteer their time to HITEC by contributing to the executive and the leadership development of its members.

The Emerging Executive Program is more than mentoring as it’s focused on developing a core executive skill-set by providing:

  • Exposure and interaction with high-level technology executives and business leaders
  • A trusted and non-biased mentor relationship with senior-level technology executives (including HITEC Board Members)
  • Guidance on career-related issues, which are unique to Hispanics in leadership
  • Deeper understanding on how CXOs develop their organizations in terms of core technology competencies and performance metrics
  • A model to cultivate Hispanic technology expertise
  • An opportunity to elevate leadership through insightful executive coaching Webinars that reinforce the skills needed to execute as an emerging leader Opportunity to participate in a community partnership project to continue to hone leadership skills

HITEC Corporate Partners, Silver level and higher, have the opportunity to identify top performers and recommend them to participate in the program. HITEC will receive applications for the 2020 HITEC Emerging Executive Program from January 15th, 2020 to April 15th, 2020. HITEC Corporate Partners will be able to submit their applications online.

Submission Guidelines/Application

Please sign up for our Newsletter to be notified when applications will be open for the next EEP class.

  • The company agrees to cover program costs, including: the cost of HITEC Summit event registration, travel and lodging associated with attending the program, should its nominee(s) be selected as a finalist(s)
  • Nominee(s) cannot self-nominate
  • Previous EDP/EEP participants are not eligible to participate
  • The number of EEP participants is determined by the company’s corporate partnership level (silver or above)
  • The company must receive email verification from HITEC acknowledging receipt of the nomination application(s)

Nominations are reviewed by the EEP Committee.  All questions should be addressed to Anne-Marie Azzi, the EEP Committee Chair, via email at

EEP is the only national program focused on cultivating executive talent among the Hispanic technology professionals.

Key Points About EEP

To help you decide if this program is right for your company and your Hispanic technology talent, here are a few key points to be aware of:

  1. The intent of EEP is to identify emerging Hispanic technology leaders with the highest potential and desire to become the next generation of Hispanic technology executive leaders.

  2. The "giving back” nature of this program is two-fold: the program provides a unique opportunity for the participants to broaden their experience in industry related HITEC activities, such as local market activities. Additionally, it also allows participants to support future generations of undergrads or teenagers embracing technology practice via role modeling. Through the participant’s agreement we provide guidance and options on how to support the global village we live in.

  3. The potential impact. Our goal is that EEP will make the most of your talented Hispanic technology employees by creating a 3-way win model (Win for your Company, Win for the EEP Fellow and a Win for the larger HITEC family). Your Company’s D&I strategies will gain external perspective on how to advance progress of your internal talent. HITEC executives are expected to provide on-going, transparent performance evaluations to enable individuals to be aware of their performance.

  4. The training. To maximize the accelerated development experience within the EEP, there will be a number of additional training and development opportunities. These will include: A. Two of the HITEC Leadership Summits; B. Two one-day EEP in-person customized sessions; C. Monthly one-on-one mentor conversations, D. Virtual webinars with relevant career and technology themes.


Platinum & Gold Corporate Partners