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Since 2008, HITEC has compiled a comprehensive list featuring the top 100 most influential and notable Hispanic Professionals in the Information Technology Industry called the “HITEC 100“.

HITEC’s executive leadership, board of directors and advisory board members are very impressed and proud of this year’s honorees. We congratulate and salute each and every one of them for their continued career achievements in the ever-changing global landscape of information technology.

We present to you the HITEC Top 100 of 2018
Elizabeth Agosto
Global Chief Administrative Office, Information Security Division
Steve Fernandez
Global Chief Technology Officer
Aldo Noseda
Vice President, Information Technology - Global Commercial
Marcela Alava
Chief Information Officer
Henry Fleches
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Yonesy Núñez, CISSP, CISM
Senior Vice President - Information Security Leader
Gene Alvarez
Managing Vice President – CRM, CX and Digital Commerce Technologies
Erika Flora
Javier Olivan
Vice President, Growth
Carlos Amésquita
Chief Information Officer
Franciso Fraga
Chief Information Officer
Silvina Olkies
End User Global Support Service Senior Director
Guillermo Ardon
Chief Applications Officer & Company Vice President
Mariely Franzetti
Vice President, Support Services IT 
Luis Pajares
Group Vice President
Thaddeus Arroyo
Chief Executive Officer
Carlos Fuentes
Vice President of Strategy, Architecture and Security
Eduardo Perez
Senior Vice President Payment and LAC Regional Risk Officer
Leandro Balbinot
Vice President IT & Chief Information Officer North America
Isaura Gaeta
Vice President & General Manager, Chief of Staff Systems Engineering and Platform Engineering Group
Juan Perez
Chief Information Officer
Ricardo Bartra
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Miguel Gamino
Chief Technology Officer
Ana Pinczuk
Senior Vice President and General Manager, HPE Pointnext Services
Eduardo Cabrera
Chief Cybersecurity Officer
Gregory Garcia
Director, Chief Information Office
Javier Polit
Chief Information Officer
Timothy Campos
Chief Executive Officer
Kelly Garcia
Senior Vice President, eCommerce Development and Emerging Technologies
Jeanette Prenger
Chief Executive Officer/President
Julio Carbonell
Chief Information Officer
Michael Garcia
Vice President for Development Services
Laura Quintana
Vice President, Corporate Affairs Global Field Operations
Carlos Carpizo
Noni Gonzalez
Vice President Global Technology Systems
Miguel Quiroga
Vice President Head of Digital
Alfredo Casta
Founder and Chairman
Robert Grillo
Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Paul Raines
Chief Executive Officer
Santiago Chamorro
Executive Vice President, Global Connected Customer Experience 
David Guzman
Chief Information Officer 
Rosa M. Ramos-Kwok
Managing Director, Senior Executive, Consumer and Shared Services Operations Technology
Marcelo Claure
President & Chief Executive Officer
Marius Haas
Chief Commercial Officer and President, Enterprise Solutions
Ileana Rivera
Senior Director of IT, Computing and Client Productivity Services
Lilian Coral
Director of National Strategy
Yamila Harris
Director of Regional Business Enablement - Worldwide, Office of the Chief Information Office
Alan Rosa
Senior Vice President - Infrastructure and Applications Delivery
Ernie Cordova
Managing Director
Luis Hernandez
Vice President, Integrated Development Center
Andres Ruzo
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Francisco Cornellana Castells
Senior Vice President & Global Chief Information Officer
Miriam Hernandez-Kakol
Global and U.S. Service Line Leader for Customer & Operations in Advisory
Enrique Salem
Managing Director
Eduardo Cue
Senior Vice President, Internet Software and Services
Darrell Higueros
Chief Executive Officer
Eugenia Salvo Navarro
Director Business Intelligence & Analytics Engineering
Vinicius Da Costa
Senior Vice President – Enterprise Business Technology Applications Executive
Marcos Jimenez
Chief Executive Officer
Lidia Santos
Director of Systems Programming
Joel De la Garza
Box Security Officer
Tony Jimenez
President and Chief Executive Officer
Nuria Simo
Chief Information Officer
George DeCesare
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Risk Officer
Yvette Kanouff
Senior Vice President/General Manager Service Provider Business
Lucia Soares
Vice President, Healthcare Technology Strategy
Anthony Diaz
Managing Director-Technology, Client Delivery and Operations, Human Capital Management
Carlos Lopez-Abadia
Vice President & General Manager Consulting
Javier Soltero
Corporate Vice President of Outlook Program Management
Guillermo Diaz, Jr.
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Information Technology
Pilar Manchón
Director of Cognitive Interfaces
Myrna Soto
Corporate Senior Vice President, Global Chief information Security Officer
Carlos Dominguez
President and Chief Operating Officer
Cesar Martinez
Vice President, Information Communication Technology Delivery
Daniel Tolosa
Jose Dominguez
Chief Information Security Officer
Maria Martinez
President, Global Customer Success & Salesforce Latin America
Pamela Torres
Retired Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Relations Technology Executive, Senior Vice President
Rodolfo Dominguez
Vice President Business Transformation and Chief Digital Officer
Monica McManus
Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Rotary and Mission Systems
Lisa Tuccio King
Senior Vice President - Enterprise Technology Infrastructure Product and Service
Jonathan Echeverria
Senior Vice President – Business Technology Executive
Hector Medina
Vice President IT, Strategic Planning and Analytics
Nina Vaca
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Jorge L. Escobar
Vice President of Administrative Services
Rafael Mena
Chief Information Officer
Ivonne Valdes
Sales Vice President, Cloud & Service Provider Segment
Marina Escobar
Vice President Advanced Technology Group
André Mendes
Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer
Adam Vazquez
Vice President Information Technology
Josue Estrada
Senior Vice President of Strategy & Operations,
David Morales
Retired Managing Director
Ligia Vilela
Chief Technology Officer and Chief Application Officer of the Digital Channels Technology Group
Nancy Faginas-Cody
Senior Vice President,  IT Enterprise Business Systems
Sandra Morales-Herrmann
Director, Infrastructure and Information Assurance
Marisa Viveros
Vice President Strategy and Offerings, Telecommunications & Media
Kevin Fernandez
Senior Vice President, Head of Business Systems
Carmen Nava
Senior Vice President - Premium Care
Alberto Zuniga 
Managing Director - Chief Technology Officer
Antonio Neri
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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