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HITEC Seattle Summit Highlights, Photos and More!

Thursday, August 9, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sara Nickleberry
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The 2018 HITEC Seattle Leadership Summit Was A Success! 

Over 300 technology business executives and senior leaders gathered at Microsoft's Corporate Headquarters July 31 - August 2, for our Summer Leadership Summit themed, "Pushing New Frontiers: Cloud Edge, Gaming and Our Responsibility." 

Attendees were inspired and motivated to become better digital citizens, have inclusive interactions, and to use technology to improve how we work and serve our community.

Microsoft Welcome Reception

The Microsoft Welcome reception was held on the main floor of the c Microsoft Visitors Center. Summit attendees were free to explore and interact with some of Microsoft's cutting-edge tech: including the Xbox Gaming Center, device showcase, Microsoft history exhibit, and AI experience.


Day one began with our signature HITEC Women In Technology Breakfast, sponsored by Accenture. Mary Ellen Smith, CVP of Worldwide Operations at Microsoft, welcomed the attendees and talked about the value of having conversations about the culture of equality.
“This conversation helps change things. It creates the right type of dialogue and actions that can occur simply because the conversation started and the awareness is there. We recognize opportunities and challenges as we move forward." - Mary Ellen Smith


Nellie Borrero, Accenture’s Global I&D champion led a discussion with HITEC Board Chairman Alberto Yépez and David Olivencia, Managing Director, Cloud Advisory, Accenture and HITEC Advisory Board Member, centered around changing the corporate culture in a way that women can thrive.
"Never apologize for being ambitious." -Nellie Borrero


Thank you to our emcee Yamila Harris, HITEC Advisory Board Co-Chair and Senior Director, Global Workplace Services & End User Experience, Alight Solutions.


"Cultural change comes from the top. We are changing the culture to pull out the best in everybody and get a better outcome as a result." - Kurt DelBene, Chief Officer & Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy Core Services Engineering and Operations at Microsoft.


Diego Reitman and Microsoft interns introduced the crowd to Microsoft's mantra of "Come as you are, do what you love" with a musical selection.


Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft discussed Microsoft's approach to accessibility. Microsoft is in it for the long game from accessibility to inclusion. Disability impacts many of us, so it's our responsibility to do more. At Microsoft, it is embedded in their fabric, culture and DNA. Jenny stated, "I see this as a business imperative for customers, employees and humanity. If we design through the lens of disability, we will create some amazing stuff."

New HITEC President: Omar Duque

HITEC Board of Directors Chairman Alberto Yépez introduced HITEC's newly appointed President, Omar Duque

We’re building something out that we can replicate with all our partners and create a delightful experience. We can create an experience they’ve never had with another organization. -Omar Duque


Katy Jo Wright, Director of Gaming for Everyone at Microsoft spoke on Microsoft's approach of intentional inclusion and how it will drive business growth and gaming for everyone. Video games are typically someone's first introduction to technology. In gaming, diversity and inclusion matters. "People come where they are invited, but they stay where they are welcome." 


Amit Mital, CEO and Founder of Kernal Labs, discussed the future of identity, why the current paradigm is broken and what's driving innovation. A key element in cybersecurity is identity, the key is to providing users with a better experience. The future of identity needs to be simple, secure and scalable.


Disrupting the Disruptors: How Leaders are Responding and Regaining Their Ground presented by EY

This panel discussion included speakers Amy Summy, Principal, EY, Cornelius Hoekstra, CEO,, Jen Ball, Global Head of Product, Franklin Templeton, and T.A. McCann, Managing Director at Pioneer Square Labs. They showcased the significant disruption in Financial Services and how the world's oldest and largest institutions are shifting to keep place, and leapfrogging new and existing competition. One of the key trends is data science: looking at massive amounts of data and driving insights from them. Consider your own data as an asset. Businesses will need to collect data, understand it and utilize it over time.


Spin Your Tale: The Fiction Writers' Guide to Telling YOUR Story
Dona Sarkar, Head of Windows Insider, Microsoft

Donna encouraged attendees to pursue their passions by developing a side hustle and how to tell their own story online so that their brand reflects their passion. Dona gave everyone a call to action to use a proven formula to tell their story effectively by writing the change they want to see in the world, what they want to be known for, what they'll do to make this change, and what they will create.

DAY #2 - Leadership Summit Highlights
Thursday August 2, 2018


Three concurrent sessions were offered at the Seattle Leadership Summit. 
  • KPMG Board Fit: Societal Expectations, Sustainability, and the Role of the Board - KPMG continued their Board Fit series, addressing the evolving impact of investors, consumers and key stakeholders, along with insight into guiding company strategy.
  • Technology Track: Securing Our Future - with Microsoft CISO Bret Arsenault and Leadership Team - Bret and his leadership team shared how they approached security, and how their team was able to defend against attempted cyber-attacks. 
  • Professional Track: President at Exeqpath, LLC, Fernando Rosario presented, We All Have a Story - Learn to Tell Yours - In this presentation on storytelling, Fernando Rosario showcased how storytelling can be used to make connections. Telling great stories is one of the single greatest hacks to leading a group, connecting with new people, and being memorable long after the presentation has concluded.


HITEC Style TED Talks

HITEC Style TED Talk: Social Responsibility
  • Gloria Candelario Hossri, Director Healthcare Technology Services, Johnson & Johnson - Gloria talked about our responsbility as leaders in our community to give back and help create a better tomorrow by inspiring young people to excel academically, elevate their career aspirations, and build a better future to reach their full potential. 
  • Carol Cala, Vice President of Energy, Environment, Safety and Health at Lockheed Martin - Sustainability means different things to different people. When you think of sustainability at Lockheed Martin, it protects the environment, strengthens communities and propels responsible growth.
  • Shelley McKinley, Head of Technology and Corporate Responsibility, Microsoft - AI is Technology that can perceive, learn and reason to extend the capabilities of people and organizations. It's about finding ways to positively benefit society. We can create a more sustainable world and transform society drastically.


Fireside Chat: Microsoft's Cloud Journey and How It Changed us:
Andy Erlandson
, HITEC Corporate Advisory Board and General Manager, Microsoft and Brad Wright, Partner Engineering Manager, Microsoft, shared insights into their own journey to the cloud, how it's changed IT execution, fundamentals and people, and what's next. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions specifically about their approach to cloud solutions as it relates to their own job functions in IT.



Disrupting The IT Market by Adding Data Security as a Must presented by MicroFocus:

  • Paulo Veloso, Business Director - Security Products, Micro Focus
  • Christopher Hall, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer - BNY Mellon
  • Lokesh Ramani, Managing Director, Cybersecurity, KPMG
  • Brian Arellanas, CEO/Chairman and Founder, ITSourceTek, Inc.

This panel of experts focused on data protection and being better digital citizens. As digital citizens of this planet, we are responsible for creating demand. As a result, we must take collective responsibility for ourselves as digital citizens and the impact it has on our world. We all have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but to the people in our community.


Mixed Reality in the Modern Workplace: What it is, How it's Changing the World, its Significance for the LatinX Community - 
Lourdes Orive, Sr. Director, Hololens Commercial Programs, Mixed Reality Studio, Microsoft

Lourdes discussed Mixed Reality, the blending of the physical and digital world. She shared a glimpse into the world of mixed reality at Microsoft and the devices they are creating to address the challenges faced by businesses today, allowing them to save time, money and enable them to find solutions in ways they couldn't before.

Click here to view photos from the event



See what attendees had to say about
the HITEC Leadership Summit:

What keeps me coming back is the caliber of the attendees, the kindness and the follow-up. Everyone followed up with me. - Marta Montoya

What I like about HITEC is that I am part of a larger network. I get the chance to hear the latest in technology and come to places like Microsoft! - Gloria Ciampa

What keeps me coming back is the people who are very established in their careers. I think about where I want to be, and these are the people who I aspire to be like.  It makes me think: “If they can do it, I can do it too. - John Canela

Thank you for attending!
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